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6 Tips to Combat Pollen

For many people, spring is their favorite season of the year.  There is beauty all around. Everything is turning green, and the trees and flowers are blooming. But for those people who have allergies, spring is a misery. All of those flowers may be beautiful, but the pollen they produce can be very irritating. If pollen…

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How to Make an Indoor Herb Garden

Nothing enhances the flavor of home cooking quite like fresh herbs and spices, especially when you grow them yourself. You can create an herb garden right in your Vallejo apartment using the following steps. Start With High-Quality Seeds or Seedlings Begin by deciding what kinds of herbs you’d like to have on hand for your style of cooking.…

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Save Money & Save the Environment: Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Solutions That Work

Keeping your apartment in Vallejo clean makes you feel good except for one minor detail – the known toxins in the cleaners we use. Fortunately, you can easily make your own natural cleaning solutions that have been tried and tested to clean each room of your home without the threat of chemicals. Plus, the ingredients are simple…

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