Five Great Ways to Keep Your Apartment Home Fresh During Spring

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Clean DeskSprings are getting hotter, so keeping your apartment fresh may seem like a chore. The heat makes you a bit sleepy and cleaning makes you a bit sweaty. But you want that freshness for your apartment in Vallejo, California.  Here are a few tips to make your home apartment nice and fresh this spring.

1. Dehumidify.

It can get pretty humid in Vallejo, and the humidity is starting just as soon as the heat is. Invest in a good dehumidifier. It'll keep the dank smell and mugginess out of your apartment. You'll be amazed at how differently you breathe and just how often you have to dump the water.

2. Make sure your ceiling fans rotate counter-clockwise.

You probably didn't know, but during the spring and summer, you need to change the direction of your ceiling fans. This direction forces the air down into the living space, creating a windchill effect and making the room feel cooler.

3. Keep your floors or carpets clean.

Sweep on a regular basis. Crumbs will bring on the bugs. The same is true with carpets. Vacuum regularly. For added freshness, sprinkle baking soda on top of the carpet and let it settle and sit for at least ten minutes. The baking soda will deodorize the carpet. So, in addition to vacuuming up crumbs to keep bugs away, you will also vacuum up odors to keep any smells away.

4. Get rid of the garbage more often than before.

Garbage combined with the heat means smells and other unwanted things. Throw out your trash and take out your recycling often. Also, it's a good idea to clean your garbage disposal weekly. An easy method is quartering a lemon and tossing the lemon slices along with some ice cubes into the garbage disposal and let it run with the cold water flowing until it disappears down the drain. All that remains is a fresh lemon scent.

5. Invest in fresh flowers.

We have been discussing ways to freshen up your apartment home in ways that excite your olfactory senses. Fresh flowers can do the same, but can also excite the senses for aesthetics.

So, stay fresh, and feel free to take a look at one of our fresh, available Vallejo apartment homes that can excite all your senses. Contact us at Bay Village today.

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