3 Unique Winter Cocktails to Warm You Up

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Mulled CiderWhen the temperatures start to drop, it can be difficult to turn to your favorite standby cocktails. That gin and tonic or glass of white wine just isn’t quite as refreshing when you come into your Vallejo apartments shaking from the cold. Here are three unique winter cocktail recipes that are sure to warm you up when you’re starting to feel the chill.

Mulled Cider

Apple cider is more popular in the fall, but it also makes a great wintertime drink too. The scent of cinnamon and the comforting taste of warm apples blend together to give you a relaxing moment that will help you drift off to a relaxing slumber. This recipe contains a shot of bourbon, ginger liqueur and some cherries to liven up the drink. The freshly ground pepper provides a zing to your taste buds that will really cement this cocktail as one of your favorites.

Tequila Mint Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is a childhood favorite that never goes out of style. When you’re getting tired of the standard version, though, there are plenty of ways to mix it up. This drink is exceptionally easy to make and really just requires you to mix in some peppermint schnapps with the tequila. The real flourish of this drink can be found in the mint leaves and whipped cream you use to dress it up. Sip slowly and savor the silky textures and delicate flavors.

Architects and Kings

The very name of this drink is inspiring when you’re starting to feel as though winter will never end and summer vacation will never come. Providing the pick-me-up you’ll probably need after a draining day at work, this recipe combines rye, bitters, apple brandy and a dark sugar syrup (demerara) to balance out the flavors. It’s one of the more expensive drinks you can make at home, but ultimately worth it for the intense and delicious taste.

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