Use Geometric Design to Break Up Space in Your Apartment

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Couch and TableGeometric patterns provide ample opportunity to think outside the box for the interior design of Vallejo, CA apartments. Geometric fabric prints, decorations, rugs and accessories are on-trend, and these vibrant elements bring movement to any room. Geometric patterns draw the eye to focus areas, help break up an open floor plan, or add depth to cozy rooms.

Geometric Decor 

Create wall decorations, such as zigzag book nooks, with unconventional shapes for a functional focal point in the living room. Wall decor with stylized shapes can be customized with wall stickers, paint and wallpaper.

Accessories that mimic or complete larger features add continuity without taking over. For example, you can continue the theme of a carpet with subtly colored squares by painting square or rectangular accents on one wall. Then, hang art or photos in the painted squares to complete the look.

Colorful round throw pillows and circular mirrors or centerpieces are an easy way to add interest and continuity throughout the living room or bedroom. Bright colors coupled with geometric decorations add excitement and are great elements if not overdone.

Geometric Furniture

Choose geometric furniture patterns to add interest to corners or low-light areas. Turquoise, green and yellow are complementary colors that, when used in interlocking shapes, create a rich landscape that redefines a modern accent chair.

Get creative when shopping online. You can search for stylized trees with ovals or circular leaves, for instance. Check or polka dot patterns evoke a fun feel in artwork, fabrics and rugs. Meanwhile, elegant lighting fixtures that reflect circles or other patterns look well-thought-out for a stunning effect.

In your office nook, use a hexagonal or octagonal lamp shade to continue similar elements in other rooms. Different sized rings or hexagons match most other geometric shapes and let you layer your looks. You can design and create unusual combinations by experimenting with simple shapes that lend a contemporary or retro-modern interior design the Jetsons would be proud of.

Breaking up your space with geometric patterns will add depth and additional dimensions to our apartments in Vallejo, CA. Call us today with any questions you have on upgrading to another floor plan at Bay Village.

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