3 Staining Tips for a Perfect Finish

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Stained WoodAre you planning on staining a piece of furniture for your apartment?

If you've never stained anything before, the task may appear daunting at first. Fortunately, we've got the tips you need to make your staining project a success. Let's get started!

1. It’s best to start with a clean finish

While it’s certainly possible to stain a piece of furniture that's already been painted or stained before, the process is much more complicated and involves stripping the old finish using toxic chemicals and lots of elbow grease.

Instead, make your first staining project one that involves a completely stain- and paint-free piece of furniture.

2. For soft woods, use a wood conditioner

Some woods are hard, and some woods are soft. For example, pine is a softwood, but oak is a hardwood.

If you plan on using a softwood for your project, remember that you should always use a wood conditioner. If you don't, the stain you apply will bleed through and leave your finished project relatively blotchy. Hardwoods such as oak don't require the use of a wood conditioner.

3. Spend an adequate amount of time selecting a stain color

There are a plethora of stain brands and shades to choose from. But keep in mind that there are also stain gels (in addition to traditional staining liquids), and there are even stains that are water-based instead of oil-based. 

All have their pros and cons, and most importantly, all look different on different types of wood. You can certainly go by the stain color on the actual container when choosing a shade, but remember that the color there may not match the color you’ll end up getting because you may be using a different type of wood.

Mahogany, for example is a deep, dark wood that will make stains appear much differently than they would on light-colored woods such as pine or oak.

Stain your own furniture for a stylish apartment design

Often, it's difficult to style an apartment with natural wood furniture when you're on a budget. Already stained and finished furniture can be expensive. When you stain in your own furniture, however, you can save money and create the exact style you're going for. 

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